Shiny Red Motel Chairs

Our farm front porch is sporting very cute new red chairs. They are reproduction of old vintage motel chairs that used to sit in all the little roadside motels in the 40s and 50s. I totally love them. They used to have pretty red ones at the camp I attended when I was a young girl. I always loved and wanted some at our home. Although, I have a few real vintage motel chairs around the farm I found these in March and simply could not resist them for our front porch. They will add a nice pop of color in the heat of the summer when everything is dry and brown. Just to look at them makes me happy!


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  1. Those are super cute, very cabin/campish too. I know campish isn’t a word, but I just made it one lol

  2. I’ve been seeing chairs like that at several places and absolutely love them! They are so much fun! And I absolutely adore the red!

  3. Brings back many good memories!

  4. Is it really going to get dry and brown again this summer???
    The wildflowers are just amazing around Fredericksburg.

  5. Just the title “Shiny Red Motel Chairs” made me stop to relish these fabulous, durable chairs. The fact that they are red adds even more!

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