Vintage Ghost Sign

This is a really cute vintage “ghost sign” I found last fall. Vintage ghost signs or old advertisements on old buildings are hard to find, but when I find one it is so exciting. This fall I really do hope to take a road trip through tiny little towns and locate these old signs on old buildings. This spring I visited a couple of old towns, but alas, neither had any old ghost signs.

“Don’t Scratch” is a fabulous example of old building art! You may need to click on photo to read all the text.

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  1. i believe i have some hand and foot trouble… i could use some of that.

  2. I love these ghostsigns, I also love your ‘social buttons’ as the bottle tops, very cool!

  3. You need to come home to Q., there is a ghost coca cola sign painted on the side of the building next to the QA&P Depot.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Guess what?? If you look on my sidebar under signs I have it already posted! Such a treasure….. You are right though, I do need to come and bring my camera and take lots of photos…. 😉

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