Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you have a Costco near by I suggest you RUN, don’t walk as fast as you can to purchase the best ice cream dessert that you will ever taste. Head for the freezer and buy more than one box!!

I cannot even begin to express how totally wonderful these are. If I were giving a 5-star dinner I would have no hesitation putting them on a pretty plate and serving them. They will hold up to any chilled dessert. Of course, I guess you need to be a key lime addict like me. I love anything and everything key lime so when I heard friends raving about the best ice cream sandwich I sent Cowboy to Costco to grab a box. He came home with two which was a good thing as I could not stop eating them.  Had them for breakfast, lunch and dessert (after dinner) for a week! Sad, but true! I am not kidding- they are worth a special trip to Costco.

As you probably already guessed my freezer is completely empty of any ice cream sandwiches. That is probably a good things since it seems I devoured most of  these delights.

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  1. Yum! I could totally eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Don’t even think about trying the chocolate covered pomegranates at Costco. Dangerous stuff. Trust me.

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