New Baby Donkey

Cute, cute, cute! I can hardly stand it. We have a second little baby donkey. Lucy gave birth to her first little baby (courtesy of the jack who was dumped at our place!). Lucy is being such a great first time mom and not letting anything or anybody near her baby. Mama, who was not a first time mom has been more than happy to share her new little one, but no way-no how is Lucy going to share! It could be months before we figure out it’s sex! For now we will just relish in all the “cuteness”.

She is going to be pretty like her mama!

And here is an updated picture of Mama’s little baby.¬†It is jumping around and ever so happy! I guess we need to go check it soon and determine sex so we can start the fun of naming it!

I love it that they are both so different, but both are absolutely precious. It will be fun to see how their personalities develope as they get older.


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  1. OMG, I love those bangs! What a doll.

  2. Oh My Goodness! How fun! Love those ears!

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