Third Baby Born

Our sweet donkey, Amy, had a baby last Sunday. She delivered a precious little foal who is so very pretty and different from the other two. How nice to have three babies who all have their own special look.

This is Amy’s baby at about four hours old. Amy is our oldest donkey and she was so excited to show us her baby. She wanted us to know she had a pretty baby also. She worked very hard trying to get baby up on feet so she could display her prize! She was not content until we saw her baby up on all fours. Amy is so sweet and I guess if the rouge jack was going to impregnate everyone I am glad Amy did not get left out. I think she would have been so sad to not be able to have a sweet baby to show us.

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  1. A third baby? How cute!!!

  2. How cute! I’ve seen many newborn colts in my lifetime but never a baby donkey. Will it remain paint or turn another color?

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