Baby Donkey’s Are Growing!

Our babies are growing! We have not named them yet, but are working on names. I really want the names to fit the personality so guess we will narrow our list and wait until we are positive for right name.

Mama’s baby was the first to be born. It is a little boy and he is a hoot. He runs and romps and is totally a little boy. He is going to be very mischievous!! Mama has begun to discipline him when he misbehaves!

Lucy’s baby is a little girl and we have several names in mind and just trying to see which name fits her the best. She is a cutie for sure. Lucy was a first time mom so she is still extremely protective of her little girl so we try to give them their space.


Amy had her baby last and it is a little boy. He is very sweet so far. Amy is a really sweet mom… Amy is older and did not look good when growing her baby. We love her so much.

All mama’s and babies are at the vet today along with goats getting all their shots and anything else they need. I will let you know how that went. I can guarantee you they were not happy. Cowboy will give them lots of extra carrot treats to make up with them.

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