Drought is Just Not Nice!

Unlike last year we actually had a little rain this spring and had pretty green fields which is a win-win for everyone. The animals love the nice fresh green grass. Same for donkey’s and goats. We have watched any remnants of grass slowly fade into brown grass and now everything has turned to dust and dirt. No green at our place except for some pesky weeds which no one will eat.

If you do not live on a ranch or farm you cannot imagine the impact of this dry hot weather.

  • Just working in the heat is enough to take the punch out of any cowboy or cowgirl
  • We must check all water sources several times a day. Livestock would die without water very quickly
  • Tanks dry up so livestock must depend on well water
  • No green grass to eat. Must feed hay, cubes and feed
  • All that feed and hay equals to $$$$$$
  • The severe heat can really stress the animals so they must be checked often
  • Hot weather can stress new nursing mothers

I know most city people do not even think about the impact of hot weather other than to freak when an air conditioner goes out or complain about why milk has gone up. To a farmer this heat means increased work and decrease in income. It means hard work and worry about livestock. Most farmers and ranchers have a great love for their animals and want the best for them. We all worry when the weather throws us hot temps.

These are the temps our livestock have to endure. We are hoping it cools down really soon for animals and man alike. Each step in pasture is like making a mini dust-bowl. Each step brings a trail of dust.

I am going to be forced to do a rain dance soon if we do not get rain and believe me that is not a pretty sight!

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  1. Ughhh, I wish I could send some rain your way. We started off bad but a few weeks ago we got our lucky rainy break & the grass is growing again & so are the crops.

  2. I’m definitely no farmer but Illinois has been impacted by the drought this year in a bad way. I’ve watched the cornfields just dry up into stalks of nothingness and can’t even imagine the financial strain that is causing our farmers.

    On a slightly brighter side, I haven’t had to mow the grass since May … it died pretty darn quickly.

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