Eggless Chocolate Cake

When my mom was growing up it was very hard for her to have desserts because she was very allergic to eggs and nuts. Neighbors were very helpful to give her recipes for sweets which did not have nuts or eggs, but she never had a good cake recipe that tasted good to her. This recipe was given to her by Mrs. Raleigh Johnson who ran “The Raleigh House“. My mother’s life changed the day she got this delicious chocolate “picnic” cake recipe. It is so very simple to make. This cake tastes so good and continues to be one of my favorite “last minute” cakes even though I have not made it in several years. It was my mom’s favorite! Thought I would share it for those of you who might have family members with egg allergies. To find other wonderful recipes just type Raleigh House in the search box and they will all pull up for you.

This is the original recipe typed by Mrs. Johnson. It is faded and soiled and has been thoroughly enjoyed through the years… Mrs. Johnson told my mother this is the cake she would bake when she took her husband on a picnic. Isn’t that sweet? I bet Cowboy would like to go on a fall picnic if I promise to make this! I am very lucky to have grown up eating at Martha Johnson’s place! My hubby and kids all had a chance to eat there also before she closed. It was pure awesome-ness!

Hint: When I make this cake I do not frost it. I dust the cake with powdered sugar.

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  1. This is wonderful! The scan of the recipe card typed by Martha Johnson herself is pretty special, too. I have a few of those myself. <3 Jane–

  2. My mother had a typewriter with that kind of font. I still have a few letters she sent to me at college. When I saw your recipe, it took my breath away.

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