Livestock Theft & We are P—-D

I knew it was going to be a bad day on Saturday because I lost my sunglasses. Little did I know what a bad day is. Saturday we went to give everyone farm treats only to find no goats. Searched for hours. We do not know how or why but our sweet little pet goats were taken. We obviously have someone in our area that is lacking ethics, values or a moral compass. We are so distressed that someone is roaming our area roads taking beloved family goats. These goats were near their final years and very old so this was such a senseless crime. They were tame, gentle and basically just followed us around wanting lots of attention. Most of all we loved them dearly. Someone came on to our land and loaded them up from our pasture. The goats were so darn sweet they probably just walked right in. We had a cow/calf theft earlier this year and we now think they may be related. The authorities know we were robbed and we know that also. We now have been dealt a blow by pure intense meanness. Isn’t it sad that mean heartless people always seem to target sweet lovely animals? Can you imagine how they must treat their own animals or family if they have any?

I have always tried to maintain a nice clean blog where anyone could read without reading things that made them uncomfortable. For the most part just want to blog and have fun. But, between the tears, I am telling you that I am super mad and I will not let this go. We have contacted all the right authorities. We have been calling neighbors. We may never find the trash that took part in this crime, but everyone is going to know we lost some prized animals who were not worth much… except in our hearts. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever really hated anyone in my entire life. I know I am feeling the “hate” right now. Whoever took our precious pet goats is surely going to have to answer when they make it to the “pearly gates” and this goes for anyone else who might know of this crime and is not speaking out. They must have ice running through their non-existent heart(s). Bet they are a bully. Bet they are a worthless piece of !$#*. In my mind I already think he, she or they are “Criminal Minds” type of people. Surely “they” are at the bottom of the food chain maybe even related to a slimy snake.

We are sad. We are mad. My stomach is sick. My head is exploding. My heart is broken. I have lost a part of my soul. But, make no mistake. I am not going to forget this and have many options to explore. Livestock theft is not taken lightly by us or the authorities.

P—–d wouldn’t even begin to describe how we feel.

Sweet Spot



PS: I have already said a prayer about my foul language.

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  1. oh NO! i am so sorry…what a horrible thing to have happen to you! to those sweet goats! and yes i’m sure you are mad as hell. i am so sorry to hear about this.

  2. I’m so sorry that happened! I would be just as mad! I am hoping and praying your goats are found somehow and returned to you!

  3. That is just awful! I’ve never had an animal stolen but I could imagine it’s gut wrenching and I truly feel for you. I do hope you find the person(s) who did this … I can think of some interesting things that should be done to them.
    Here’s hoping you get your sweet animals back safe and sound.

  4. Cowboy and Cowgirl… We are so sad and so sorry! Maybe the ads & flyers will help. Surely someone knows something! We are really really really sorry. We know how much you LOVE all animals. Xoxo,

  5. I can’t even imagine the pain you all are going through right now. All I can do is say a prayer that you get your sweet goats back, safe and unharmed. I am so sorry you are going through this. 🙁

  6. So sorry for the pain you’re going through. You’re right – they’re lower than dirt. If fact they’re not as good as dirt. Hope you get them back no worse for wear.

  7. I am sooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry to hear this:( My heart is breaking for you. I will be praying for some answers and a safe return of them! People in this world can be so sick and so mean. They will answer for it but it is so hard to not have justice here and now. Hugs going out!

  8. I am so sad and angry for you!! Use all the bad language you want and I will add a few choice words of my own. This thief is a monster. He might make a few dollars at an auction or on Craigslist, but it won’t be worth the eternity I hope he or she spends in HELL!!!

  9. I am heartbroken for you. . .this is shocking and disgusting and I can’t imagine the depth of your pain. I so hope the authorities are able to get to the bottom of this dispicable act – I know your heart feels shattered right now. Sending love.

  10. Oh No!! I’m so, so sad and sorry! I could have handled it if you hadn’t posted those sweet pictures of your goats. It just made me cry. Have you gotten any leads yet at all?????

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