Summer Reflection

I love our little tanks in the spring and early summer when they are full and abundant in their simple beauty. The last few summers have turned these tanks (ponds) into muddy messes hardly worthy of any mention. Their purpose is to give needed water to the livestock which they do until the continued heat and lack of rain render them depleted of any purpose or beauty at all. (Do not worry as the livestock have other water sources so never go without good clean water)

When I passed this small tank in the spring I fully intended on enjoying a picnic by it’s water with Cowboy.. I am so sad to say that evidently life went passing by without me actually doing it. Next spring I will seize the opportunity! In the meantime I better take stock of my life and see how many of life’s gifts I pass up. Like the saying goes, “Life is Short” and I do not want to miss one moment of the fun.

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  1. How beautiful!!

  2. Great reminder to seize the day – we never know when the opportunity will come again.

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