Weekend Cowgirl is Busy Decorating

Fall is in the air for the first time this week! We have actually had four days where it was not over 100 degrees and that is reason enough to rejoice and pull out the fall decorations.

Weekend Cowgirl is also ready for change and in the next few weeks you will notice fabulous design changes and fun new tweaks to Weekend Cowgirl Blog.

Thanks to Shauna at SMD Blog and Web Design who will be giving Weekend Cowgirl Blog a new “fashion design”.  You can see her beautiful designs here. She will be working “live” so when we have burps you will see them also. Just hang on for the ride and in no time at all we will be looking all spiffy again…

Come back and see the progress!

I wouldn’t leave you without a blog photo today! I love collecting postcards and thought you might enjoy this vintage cowgirl card today. What a cutie! If only I could have those boots!

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  1. You are down south if 4 days without reaching a 100 degrees is considered fall! 🙂 Seriously – drought is awful. It doesn’t just dry up the landscape – it dries up hope.

  2. Can’t wait to see the new design~

  3. I love the new look! It’s beautiful : ) & sorry about your goats… seriously who steals someone’s goats? Ughhh it seems like people have absolutely no morals!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Thanks… and thanks for commenting on new look for blog. I think I will really like it. My old theme was not working well because it was old.

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