Fall Is Near

My friend in Montana is enjoying the beautiful change in the weather and the changing of the leaves. I am always so jealous because where I live there is no lovely turning from green to gold, red and yellow. Most years everything goes from green to brown and not much in-between. This is a photo of Montana birches beginning to turn into their lovely golden colors. (Thanks to S. for sharing)


We actually had a cool front this weekend. The weather dropped from the 90’s to the low 50’s which is way too cool for me. Any temperature below 60 is cold in my book! Cowboy and the animals are loving this cool weekend. My kitty and I enjoyed heaping all the covers on us at night and we acted like we had an arctic blast. Cowboy thinks we are crazy.

This week will warm back into 70s and low 80s which is perfect for me to officially bid goodbye to summer and start preparations for winter. Preparing for winter at the farm always makes me a little sad because I do not like cold and dreary winter days. I am a summer person at heart. Never-the-less, there are things that need to be done. I am so happy to have my newly designed blog up and going and now I will turn my efforts into making sure everything at farm is ready for winter and when the real cold hits we can enjoy being nice and cozy in our little farmhouse!

This week is going to be very busy and I hope to accomplish most of these to-do’s:

  • It is time to put up most of our lawn furniture. Thank goodness all my metal furniture has been freshly painted so it will be stored and ready to use next spring. I always leave a chaise lounge out and we have other chairs readily available if needed.
  • Lawn Art- going to put it all away this week.
  • I have been working on my little spot in barn where I store all my summer things. Cowboy built me new shelves so everything will be super organized this winter and easy to retrieve next spring.
  • I have a few plants that died this summer in the heat and I hope to dig them up and just put sage plants which are very hardy.
  • We are putting a new screen door on front porch.
  • Our bath will get a new bead board ceiling. So excited!
  • Our porch is getting a ceiling fan installed this week.
  • The exterminator will be coming to spray the house and around the house and  around the playhouse and a few other structures. Black widows are bad this year and I want them gone!
  • Cleaning flower beds this week and fertilizing all yard plants.
  • I am going to try using car wax on my two new red metal retro chairs on front porch. I will keep them out until after Thanksgiving then they will go to shed for winter.
  • Going to give donkey’s a good long grooming.
  • Still have green grass in our yard so will let donkeys and goats have a special pass into yard for a special gourmet lunch.
  • We are going to be taking care of a long list of to-dos for the inside of the house that have been piling up.
  • Gonna purge and re-arrange every single room in our house.
  • Washing all guest bed linens.
  • Dust, mop, vacuum.
  • After all the messy house things are done then I will be doing a good fall cleaning. Same as my spring cleaning.
  • Have some mucking to do around and in the barns.
  • I hope to get the hay barn organized. One part has “stuff” and gets scattered everywhere in the summer.

Why am I doing a fall cleaning after doing a spring cleaning? Our farmhouse is a tiny little house. Think: “Little House on the Prairie” small. If you do not organize and purge several times a year the house can simply get out of control. I actually love spending special time in each room and not leaving that room until it is clean from top to bottom. Feels so good when you are finished.

I hope to enjoy this week also! Hope to just ride around the farm and take photos and enjoy what wildlife I can find. I hope to read a good book. I hope to catch lunch at my favorite place in town.

I am going to step away from the computer this week. That is the only way I can focus and get a lot done in a short amount of time.

I will be back next Monday! I will be blogging about beautiful new boots cowboy and I received! Hope all you boot lovers will return next Monday to see what we are wearing!

Have a good week! I am.


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  1. What a fun blog you have! I’m going to follow along. So great to have met you at tennis Wednesdays!

  2. When you’re done at your house – you can come and get mine ready for fall! I could use a good purge in every room!

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