Little Pecker Liberation Day

We have a friend with a great personality and she gives fabulously fun parties. We call her the party queen because her parties are not your average party. This September we were lucky to be included for her latest party. In part, her invitation read:

“Come roster and hen to Little Pecker Liberation Day and Chicken Dinner.Raised from babes and now ready for the “big yard”. Come watch the excitement unfold and watch the new pecking order begin”. 

She and her husband have a beautiful ranch that has all the perks and it is always a pleasure to attend a party there. We wouldn’t want to miss any of her parties!

The following picture is the graphics from her invitation. The invitation was one by Diane Jacky. She does precious chicken art. She graciously allowed me to post a photo from the invitation. You can find her fun art on her website. Do visit her site for really cute art; especially if you love chickens!

Of course the party table had a chicken theme. We feasted on fried chicken, grilled sausage, potato salad, fresh green salad, fruit salad along with really delish dips. For dessert we had a cake decorated with chickens. After dinner we had a chicken fact game and won chicken related gifts.

The drinks were served in their old vintage truck. I cannot help it, but I am very jealous of that truck. I can see me driving down the highway in it, but that is another story… Don’t ya just love it?

Before we had the chicken ceremony we had the feeding of the fish. She turned her old vintage cement septic into a really pretty fish tank. Last time I was there it was empty septic and it had been transformed into a pretty pond lined with native rock. Again, JEALOUS!

The excitement built and finally it was time for her new chickens to finally join the old chickens in the chicken yard. For those of us who do not have chickens it really was interesting to watch. The older chickens were not too happy to have new friends, but by the time the evening ended I think everyone was ok with the arrangement. I hope all the new little chickens made it through the night. Chicken’s can have an attitude, you know?

They have cattle and horses too. Look at this beauty.

She has a really interesting bottle tree. I love it, but do not understand it. If we had one at our ranch I think the bottles would blow off and I would constantly be cleaning glass off the ground.  I’m going to have to investigate this bottle tree thing further…

My friend also has the cutest little mini bee hive. I have never seen these little ones before. Looks like it would be a nice fun small project. Killer Bee’s have been found in my parts so I am sure if I tried this little project I would wake up one day to a genetic disaster chasing me across the pasture! Guess I will pass. Maybe I could have a little fake bee house in my yard looking so cute!

My friend and her husband have a larger than life ranch which reflects all the hard work they have put into it. I have never described a ranch as one with “glam”, but I can honestly say her ranch has major “bling”! I cannot wait to return. Fun times at her place.

“Ranchers Have More Fun” would definitely apply to her ranch parties!

I bet you thought this was going to be a naughty blog post, huh?! Got ya!

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  1. I must admit, the post title did catch me off guard. I was expecting something, um, a little different. But what a fun party! I love that old truck, too, and drooled a little over the septic-tank-turned-koi-pond. Wow!

    Also ,we encountered bottle trees in Romania. The story we heard was that traditionally a family with a daughter of marrying age would decorate a tree with their kitchen pots so potential suitors would know she was available. Now, it’s just a tradition that people in the northern part of the country still do. I loved it and thought about doing a pot/bottle tree here, though our HOA would probably not approve. =>

  2. Love the photos. . .the theme and idea of it all. Great to have neighbors like that! And that truck is fabulous! So much character compared to today, eh?
    Would like to introduce you to Mara Schasteen. . .an artist who paints her own chickens from time to time. Google her. . .take a look at her work! I think you’ll like. . .

    • weekendcowgirl says

      The truck is super precious! I feam of having a pick up like that and dream that I can travel the roads and photograph all the small towns… I will google!

  3. Beverly McIntyre says

    Loved the post! Sounds like a fantastic party! I’m not much on chickens–one of my grandmothers let them run loose in her back yard part of the day. It made for chicken poop everywhere–and as a little kid, you were sure to get it all over you if you wanted to play on the swing set or with your dolls under the big trees! And it smelled something awful!! But today it is one of our favorite proteins..Go figure! I loved the koi pond and the horses and the bees. We have several people on farms around here who use the koi to keep the algae off the ponds so they can fish and swim. And those koi get to be gigantic! And there are several beekeepers here in town also–but no mini-beekeepers. I had never heard of this. The best thing though was the truck! Just after I had read the post, I was driving through town and I spotted an old Ford truck you would have a heart attack for!! It was painted the most beautiful shade of PINK and the driver was a lady who looked to be about 75 years old with stark white hair, and a western shirt with a rhinestone yoke. She pulled up next to me at a stop light and we struck up a little conversation. She said she lived in Houston, Texas and was on a trip to visit her sister in Atlanta. She pulls the truck on a trailer behind her Airlstream and was just in Columbus to see some of the Antebellum homes. She was absolutely delightful! I told her that I had a friend that would love to have her truck and she laughged. The truck is already in her will and be passed down to her three daughters in birth order. Sorry. I tried.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Oh my goodness, what a sight that must have been and pink too! That would make a big impact driving down the road. I saw an older lady driving a pink tractor a few years back, but did not have a camera handy. It was too cool!!

  4. Great idea for a party – and I love that vintage truck too!

  5. Carole Wilkinson says

    What fun…and I am all for fun. Love parties, too and also funny books. ” Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools” by Victoria Twead is a super fun read…especially if you like chickens…even a little…I personally had to get over hating roosters as one jumped me while I was swinging when I was a bout 5….he pecked me pretty good…too. Rooster was gone next day :). Anyway…the book is laugh out loud funny.

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