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The saga of Cowboy and Weekend Cowgirl Boot Barn boots is a long story! Boot Barn contacted Weekend Cowgirl early last spring about reviewing two pairs of their Boot Barn boots. Everyone knows I love my boots; therefor this was an easy decision for me. About the time the boots arrived I had my infamous accident at the farm and broke my right ankle/leg. Also injured the left ankle and tendons/ligaments. I had total bed-rest from April 1st through July. In August I was finally up and learning to manage walking again. Started physical therapy in September and I am doing really well with the exception of one big problem… my right leg and foot are still swollen and I cannot put on any shoe or boots. Flip-flops are the only thing that will fit on this crazy foot. Reviewing boots I received is a huge problem when I cannot get them on. I have worried and worried about this review then finally decided I will review Cowboy’s boots now as he has been wearing and enjoying them. As soon as I can wear any shoe or boot then I will happily review my beautiful Boot Barn boots!

Cowboy chose a beautiful black pair of Cody James boots from Boot Barn. “Cody James have a variety of styles and high quality full grain leathers, superior arch support, and a Goodyear welt. Each boot has all the quality, comfort and style that the western lifestyle demands with an affordable price!”

These are his Cody James Boot Barn boots:

Cowboy is very difficult to please. His boots must be comfortable or they stay in the back of his closet until I donate them. He usually wears round toe Roper styles, but decided to go out of his “cowboy box” and try something different. He went with the Cody James because it was a stylish boot. It has pointed toes and the top of boot came up higher on his leg which usually gives him a problem. Not this time. The Cody James boot has been very comfortable for him to wear and he likes the look and style of this boot. Comfort is his number one demand on any boot and these fit perfectly and continue to be comfortable as he has broken them in. He is one happy cowboy to have a pair of new comfy boots which are also really nice with his jeans and western jackets. He wore the boots to an event last week and looked great in his boots. You cannot see from photo, but they have a beautiful contrasting stitching.  Cowboy says he will definitely purchase a pair of the Boot Barn brand boots as they are good looking, comfortable and very affordable. He also likes the vast number of boots all on one website. He does not have a lot of extra time to go looking for boots and this site has anything you could ever need all on one site.

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Weekend Cowgirl picked out a really beautiful cha-cha pair of ladies boots and cannot wait to show you what she picked. As soon as I can wear them I will do a review also. You are going to be jealous!! In the meantime, I found a precious pair of boots on the Boot Barn Website and would not feel bad if Santa left a pair by our fireplace at Christmas! I will leave a message for Santa that I know by spring I will be able to wear shoes again and that these would be perfect waiting in my closet. Aren’t they adorable?? Hearts, guns, ammo and leopard all in one boot. I NEED a pair of these to go with the pretty new pair I will be reviewing.

 Thanks to Boot Barn for giving us the opportunity to review these great boots!

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  1. Oh dear, talk about the worse timing, I can imagine how rough it was staring at those beauties & not being able to wear them. Can’t wait to see which ones you picked!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They are so very cute. Just sitting there staring at me everytime I go in closet… I can hardly stand it!

  2. Cute boots!!! And I love, love, love the new blog!!!! It’s just darlin’!

  3. My ankle still swells up (1+ years after my accident) when I am on my feet too much. But, hey, I’m on my feet and walking (hooray!), so I try not to let it get to me. Hope you are continuing to do well with your recovery!

    Plus? I love cowboy boots! Maybe I’ll get myself a pair for my birthday.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, treat yourself to a pair of boots. I am doing good and in PT. I had already kinda figured out the swelling will be a problem for a couple of years, but I am walking and that is good!! Keep me posted on how you do since you are ahead of me in the recovery process!!

  4. Love those boots you picking out! Hoping you soon get to wear them!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Hoping that I can wear them next spring also. We shall see! Sooner or later I will be back in all my boots!

  5. I chose the black boots and it was a very good choice. Usually takes a good while for me to break in a pair of footwear; however when I first put these boots on they felt great. Not only are they a great looking pair of boots they are very easy on the feet. These will be my going out boots for many years. Thank You Boot Barn for the boots!

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