Vintage Bread Tins & Barn Purse

I love old vintage things and one of my favorites are old bread tins. I love all the different colors and patterns. They are becoming very hard to find; especially the ones that are not all rusty. I do not have a large collection, but just enough to decorate the top of my armoire in the den. They give me much joy. The shining star of the display is an old vintage purse in the shape of a barn. A nice friend of my husband surprised me with the darling barn purse and I dearly love it. It even has all the little barn animals painted on it! What a treasure. Our den is decorated in brown and sage so all the reds look stunning and give the room the “punch” it needs. The tins and barn purse display is my favorite and makes me feel good. Everyone loves my tins and purse.

Vintage is the best! Don’t you love all the different plaids, flowers and fruit? I saw a magazine article where the collector had hundreds of these and stacked them for tables. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen. In my dreams…

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  1. I love all things vintage! That barn purse is so cool!

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