City Cat

My good city friend has a plethora of little animals that visit her backyard. She usually has raccoons, possums, squirrels. Her husband has a digital cam set up in their yard so they can see what little visitors they have at night.

Their cam took pictures of this pretty little bobcat visiting her pool area! Such a beauty. Probably not such a good thing for the neighborhood kitties and small dogs! Thanks to E.S. for sharing these city kitty photos. This little bobcat is amazingly beautiful!


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  1. Hello bobcat! What a cutie, I’ve secretly always wanted a pet wild cat

  2. Must get lonely in the wild & being the animal that people & domesticated pets fear. Good for her/him to take a chance on making new friends! And thank you cowgirl for sharing 🙂

  3. Yikes! It’s amazing how similar it is to our domesticated kitties!

  4. Amazing! Are they very shy of humans or do they become pests and get into things? Hope everyone’s kittens and puppies are inside at night!

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