Happy Thanksgiving!

This is going to be a great week. All of our kiddos will be coming to the farm for Thanksgiving. The weather is going to be lovely and all the kiddos will have prime outside time. The cousins will get to play and have a great sleep over. We will have good food and we will fix smores over a camp fire. We will hunt for rocks and perhaps even have a scavenger hunt. The kids will ride on their “cars and trucks” for hours and hours. We will play with the baby goat and baby donkey’s. We will hunt for old bones and we will swing. We will play in the sandbox. Everyone will get a tractor ride. Maybe a hike? We will feed the cows, donkey’s and goats. We will put out food for the deer. Son # 1 will work on the deer feeders. Son # 2 will dig a new pipe trench. Oh yes, we will have a grand time as there is nothing better than celebrating Thanksgiving at the farm with my family.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Cowboy and me and from all of our animals at our farm! Hope you get all the Pecan Pie you can eat! I am going to be enjoying the holiday week so will catch up with you next Monday.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well : ) I think a week of some good food & fun is just what we all need.

  2. It sounds perfect!

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