Christmas Bull

We had a Christmas birth at the farm! This sweet mama gave birth to a darling little bull. Cowboy found mama in the birthing pasture having a bit of trouble. Mama was moved to one of the barns where she had a little help with the birthing process. Mama and baby are both doing great. These pictures were taken in the first two minutes of birth. I think we will just call him Chris!

10 Seconds Old- Nudging little one to get him going.

10 Seconds Old

 20 Seconds Old- Loving her baby.

20 Seconds Old

25 Seconds Old- Mama is giving him a good cleaning!

25 Seconds Old

2 Minutes Old- Mama Trying to Get Him Up!

Two Minutes Old



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  1. Love these pics! merry Chritmas.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Think his name should be Chris Leon (Noel backwards)…:)
    Have a great year and see you this Summer!! CT

  3. Ahhhhh, I love that sweet maternal instinct.

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