Fall Grizzly Mama and Cubs

This mama griz, with her two cubs, was spotted this fall in Yellowstone Park. What a beautiful photo. I would so love to visit Yellowstone. I have never been, but it is on my “bucket” list. How lucky I am to have friends that share amazing photos with me. If I cannot be there to enjoy all that fall has to offer; it is fun to receive pretty nature photos from those who have this opportunity. Thanks to C.T. for sending and for W.O. and her friend for sharing and allowing all of us who do not live in the Northwest a chance to see what we are missing… What a great “capture” of this bear family.

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  1. Amazing photo! Bears are such majestic creatures – I’m slightly obsessed, actually. We spotted a cub this summer in Yellowstone that had recently been kicked out of the den by mama bear and he was eating berries off a bush. One of the highlights of our trip! Yellowstone is one of my all-time favorite places.

  2. That’s one animal I’d rather see in a picture than in real life! We love Yellowstone!

  3. Awesome photo — crossing my fingers for a Yellowstone trip next summer!

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