Lucky City Turkeys

Our city friend has company again. Last month they had a beautiful bobcat who visited their backyard and pool. Last weekend this group came to hang around their pool. Maybe they were resting from being on the run before Thanksgiving and now getting ready to go into to hiding before the holidays! The photos were courtesy of E.S. outdoor cam. These birds are smack right in the middle of the city. I never am able to shoot a photo of our turkeys at the farm. They come and go and never stay there. I hear them and see them, but am never able to photograph them. The irony of it all…

Wonder if this is the true meaning of “poop deck”?


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  1. thats adorable!!

  2. We used to see turkeys all the time in Kalispell. They had a favorite spot on Woodland Drive. I’ve captured a number of shots of them. Now that we’re in the woods, we’ve seen turkeys on the lawn only a couple of times. And much like you, by the time I get the camera, they’re gone.

  3. Oh my gosh this is funny, the pool looks so nice & I would be so mad if they pooped on or near it! Crazy turkeys

  4. Totally laughing at the “poop deck” comment! I think we need to invest in a better trail cam – those pictures are amazing!

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