Red, White, Silver and Gold

This holiday season I have really enjoyed visiting stores to view decorations and the decorations the stores have had for sale. I don’t know if it has just been me, but it seems like everything has been more fabulous and shiny than in past years. Pottery Barn displayed lots of pretty reds along with some gold and silver. Z Gallerie had many decorations not usually associated with the season such as aqua’s and oranges! They also had beautiful whites along with golds and silvers. I spent hours and hours viewing all the pretty decorations. In the end I returned home and used our beloved old decorations which never fail to give me great emotional fulfillment.  Our family loves all of our old decorations and they are much like old friends when I unpack them every holiday season.

Had I purchased a few things these would have been at the top of the list! Everything shown below would make fine new additions to our decor.

Love all these red linens. What a beautiful table they would make.

PB Reds

The red candlesticks would be wonderful on a table with all the red linens. Lots of them in a grouping would look stunning.

Red Candlesticks

Love the elegant bowl of silver and golds. Love mixing them. Next year I want to spray paint and “glitter” pine cones in silver and gold.

Gold And Sliver

Loved the white deer (reindeer?) and had a very hard time passing him up.


This little white feather tree would have fit perfectly in our house except that my cat would have eaten it and ended up quite sick. No feather tree for me!

Feather Tree


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  1. Merry Christmas! These make me feel quite festive! I agree–no to the feather tree, for your cat’s sake. And the reindeer/deer, I’d love to get a herd of them!

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