Sundance of the Desert

My friend, Sundance of the Desert, is having a glorious fall in New Mexico. New Mexico is having a severe drought and the temperatures have been very warm. Sundance‘s humans are yearning for December holiday weather so they can get in the Christmas spirit, but somehow I imagine that Sundance is perfectly happy to continue celebrating the beautiful fall weather.

Sundance is all decked out looking beautiful for fall!

Sundance’s humans have a beautiful New Mexico Saint Francis and I really love it. I have one on my patio, but it is just cement. This one has so much character and the wood makes this a very special Saint Francis. I love the New Mexico look. I think I need to visit New Mexico with a trailer! I could do serious “damage”!


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  1. I have forgotten the story about the dog–but I am in love with the dog!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      He was an older rescue. The family adores him. He is around 14, but I think they adopted him at the senior age of 11. Very lucky dog and family.

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