Son #2 and family got a Christmas Kitten! She was adopted from the local animal services. Roxy is adorable and loves her new forever family. She is sweet, gentle, playful and loves the kiddos. She was a perfect fit for their family and immediately became the kiddos best friend. When kid #1 and kid #2 (girlie) are home from school Roxy is always by their side. Roxy has personality and her family already loves her so much! The best part is she was adopted from the shelter and now SHE¬†has a wonderful family to love! Makes your heart melt…

Who couldn’t love this face??

Here's Roxy

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  1. she is adorable! yay!

  2. Beverly McIntyre says

    She’s cute all right! And looks pretty mischevious too! The donkeys, though, are absolutely adorable!! I think I could fall in love pretty quick with them! I guess you feel like the neighborhood “zoo keeper”! Hey, that’s a pretty good tag!!

  3. Hello Roxy!! What a cute little kitty!

  4. Everybody needs a Christmas kittie! SO cute!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      So far she is a great kitty. She is great with the kids. She was days of being no longer here so it was a win-win situation for her and her new family!

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