Winter Sunflower

Welcome to 2013! I have been busy taking down Christmas decorations inside and out, watching all the college bowl games, cleaning out all the old holiday foods and trying to get the house whipped back into some resemblance of clean and organized. Tried to write most of my thank you’s and today had lunch with a friend where we managed to make it to a few junk shops. Yesterday, I forced myself to go grocery shopping. I really hate doing this when it is cold. (Cold for me is any temp under 70 degrees) Grocery shopping when it is in 30’s is not my cup of tea and in fact is is pure torture! On the bright side, I am fully stocked and should not run out of anything soon. The highlight of my grocery shopping was finding a bouquet of sunflowers. What a perfect day to discover them when I was being extra grumpy about the cold weather. By the way, I did not purchase the bunch of sunflowers. Just seeing them in grocery was a great perk!

These make me think of summer and maybe I can pretend it is right around the corner! Isn’t it grand you can find these in the dead of winter? What a nice visual gift on a cold gloomy day!

Winter Sunflower

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  1. Oh Cowgirl…come North and experience COLD with us!!

  2. Lovely post celebrating the rituals of “back to normal” after the holidays. . .love that burst of yellow – gorgeous and inspiring.

  3. Gorgeous sunflower! It was so hot here in Kansas last summer, I was out of town and completely missed the sunflowers blooming…by the time I got back they were all dry and crunchy. Thank goodness for grocery store flowers I guess! 🙂

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Last summer I planted a few and was gone one weekend and it was so hot they all died. Hopefully I can get a batch going this spring!!

  4. Happy New Year! Flowers would be a nice pick me up this time of year, I need to go find a botanical garden lol.

  5. Anything under 70 is cold? Oh my sweet lady! You don’t want to be in Iowa this week! The sunflowers were beautiful – they actually made me feel warm! 🙂

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