Andy, Annie & Charlie

Thought you all would like a baby donkey update today! The baby donkey’s are doing so well and we are enjoying them so very much. Some of you know and some don’t that we were not trying to have any baby donkey’s. My three girls were just fine and life was good. Then early last year a male donkey was dumped on our land and by the time we found him he had done “his” thang! In the end, all three girls had babies and thus our baby donkey’s. The male donkey was not a nice donkey. He began trying to hurt all of our pet goats so we moved him to another pasture and then he proceeded to chase all the new baby calves. We tried to give him a home because you always feel so badly for animals who have been dumped. In the end we had to send him away because we had to put our animals first. He had really disrupted our blissful farm and once gone life was hunky-dorrie again for all our animals!

Andy and Charlie recently went to the vet for a week or so to get “gelded”. This time also served as getting them weaned from their mothers. Since Andy had no mother to nurse we felt that was a major factor in Annie and Charlie not spending time with Andy. This has been their first week back and it has really helped. Both Annie and Charlie still wanted to nurse, but their mom’s wanted nothing of it so we are officially weaned. Annie is spending a little time with Andy so it is baby steps around here with getting everyone to accept Andy. Thank goodness Andy has the goats. They love him and spend all day with him so Andy is not lonely. We will be getting three new goats so Andy will have more new friends in the next week or two. The donkey’s are fun to watch. They run, jump, kick and roll in the dirt. They love the carrots we give them. They are learning to make their cute donkey sounds. It is like have three toddlers and you never know what they will be doing. It is going to be a fun spring watching and working with them…

Andy Update: Andy is the light of our lives and we adore him. His sweet mommy loved us and we were very close to her. The birth was hard on Amy and she and died when Andy was 20 days old. He was raised by friends and is now back with us. He is the sweetest little thing and follows Cowboy everywhere. He loves attention and our hearts are so happy to have Amy’s little baby donkey. The sad thing is the other donkey’s basically ignored him when he came back to farm. His goat friends take care of him though and now Annie has decided to be his friend also. Andy is our special little donkey! Amy was so very proud of her little baby and we cannot help but love him! Andy is a happy little fellow that will definely tug at your heart.



Annie Update: Annie was the only little girl donkey born so that alone made her special. Her mom, Lucy, was a first time mom who took her job very seriously. She was a great mom and Annie has her great personality. Annie is very social like Andy and is also demanding of Cowboy’s time. She comes up to get her rubbing and attention and she is going to be a really great donkey. She gets along with Andy and I can tell that they will be friends. She has beautiful markings and probably the prettiest of them all. She is also the largest of the babies and the boys better watch out! Annie has a special frienship with Blanco the goat. Annie rests her head on Blanco when she takes a nap. Very special friendship indeed!




Charlie Update: Charlie is more tentative like his “Mama”. Mama was a rescue donkey and she came to us not as trusting as the others. It has taken time and she has improved, but she is not our most outgoing donkey. Still, we love her too! Charlie is like his mama and not very social so far. He is the one who has been last to let us interact with him. He stays with his mama more than the other two and we think he might be a little jealous of Andy. Little by little he is improving and he was “gelded” last week so that might help. Our goal to to get him better halter trained and hope he will just give up and decide he trusts us in time…


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  1. ok they are ADORABLE!!!

  2. Charlie has a lot to learn! If you give attention to Andy or Annie the other one will come to let you know they also need attention. I can be walking around and all the sudden a push in the back which means here I am and I need some lovin. If a push does not work then a tug on the shirt which I must get stopped.

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