Happy Valentine’s Day

Heres HOPING you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Also HOPING you have a fun day filled with whatever is your hearts desire. What do you love to recieve for Valentines? Years ago I asked Cowboy to not give me flowers, because our cats would eat them! Never did want candy because I am usually trying to lose weight. Cowboy and I usually just have a lovely dinner on the week of Valentine’s which is always nice.

However, this year I would not mind a few chocolate truffles. Maybe Cowboy will read this post and bring a few home! (And yes, I need to lose weight, but how bad can a few truffles be??!!)

Happy Valentines

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! The picture of the cherries was fabulous – and I’m with you about the truffles!

  2. What a wonderful valentine! It’s perfect for you. I hope you had a swell Valentine’s Day.

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