Montana Apples

Montana has the perfect climate and soil to grow beautiful fruits. Our friends have cherries, pears, apples, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and many more. Sometimes I am visiting when it is time for harvest and sometimes I am visiting when they are blooming. I love photographing them, but strangely enough I do not enjoy eating fruit. I know that is sad. Before you worry about me I am happy to report I love every single vegetable known to mankind and Montana has plenty of fresh vegetables!

Only once have I been in Montana when it was harvest time for apples as harvest time is in mid to late September. Most of the time I am visiting when the apple trees are blooming.

I photographed this apple bloom two years ago. It was on a very cloudy summer day.

Apple Blossom

Last summer my friend took this terrific photo of her first bucket of fresh apples. They are so gorgeous. This bucket of apples was turned into yummy applesauce which I LOVE to eat!

She recently finished an oil painting of these apples. The paint is barely dry, but the painting is a beauty! I will post it at a later date.



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  1. Oh, that bucket of apples reminds me of Romania. Sob. Some days, I miss that place so, so much.

  2. We have yet another winter storm today. In the midst of all the white, I needed a bit of green and a reminder that things will grow again!

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