Serene Sunset

This peaceful sunset was taken in September. It was very unusual because the majority of our sunsets tend to be orange in color. I love our spectacular orange and red sunsets which never disappoint.

This sunset was one of a kind and we enjoyed the change in color…

September Sunset

I would love to take the time to photograph our sunsets for an entire month and see the different hues and colors. June might be a fun month to see how many sunsets I could actually photograph. Maybe I could at least get a week or two. But, I can guarantee that the majority of them will be orange sunsets!

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  1. I’ve always been a “sunset” girl. . .and WC that sounds like a great project. Love the clouds, hues and formations. . .thanks for sharing.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It really was an unusal sunset… hope to have more this spring!

    • Chickie Abdallah says

      What a beautiful sunset. I look forward to seeing new photos. Everynight during the summer the group of ladies that I play SKAT card game with take time to look out the ceiling to floor windows in the activity room down the hall from my apartment to see the beautiful sunsets and the various colors. Maybe I’ll try to photograph them with my iPhone. I will share them with you. Love, C.

  2. Magical sunset image! I hope you are able to take a sunset photo every day in June. It certainly would be fun to see the variety you capture. I’ve noticed our prettiest sunsets seem to be during the autumn season. Perhaps because there is a crispness to the air.

  3. Beautiful! That’s one of my most favorite things about living in the country – the amazing sunsets across the wide open fields.

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