Vintage Cowgirl Postcards

I love vintage postcards. The older the better. Most of my postcard collection is of anchors. The pretty ones with flowers and a little anchor tucked away somewhere on the card. My love of the anchor comes from my love of the Delta Gamma anchor which is one of our Delta Gammas symbols. I also love kitten and cat vintage postcards.

Another big postcard love is of vintage cowgirl postcards and old postcards with donkey’s. This past Christmas one of my friends, who is an avid postcard collector, surprised me with these two precious cards. They are “so me”!!

How wonderful is this?

Cowboy Girl

This is my personal favorite! Just imagine it is me after I have bumped into a pesky rattlesnake.

Cowboy Girl_Alert


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  1. I love those!

  2. These are great! I love how they aren’t prettied up into tarts. I guess the cameras back then couldn’t catch action, so they had to draw in that lasso!

  3. I love vintage anything – and those post cards are adorable!

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