Cattle Call

It has been a busy spring with lots of new calves which we really enjoy having around the farm. Unless you are around cows you cannot imagine that they actually have personalities all their own. I love being around the cows and you quickly learn who is friendly and happy to see you. I love just sitting around them to see all the comical expressions they can come up with. Love watching the calves jump, romp and play. Enjoying cows is a different kind of enjoyment. I love all the little babies, but never let myself get attached because when you are dealing with cows you might have the majority of your herd around for years, but the calves only stay awhile. I just enjoy them while we have them; then one day they are gone. That is just how it is on a ranch or farm.

Took these photos the last few months.

This girl looks like she has a big attitude. She gives me these looks everytime I drive by her. Would love to know what she is thinking!

Calf with Attitude

This one cracks me up everytime I see her. She has personality! She greets me everytime I drive by!

She cracks us up

I love this chocolate calf. Still has the fuzzies, but with warmer days that beautiful coat will shed soon.

Cow 35 and Baby

It’s party time! They are looking in hopes that I have some cubes for them.


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  1. You are so right! Each cow does have it’s own personality – and you sure caught some with those photos!

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