Off The Grid

I have been off the social media grid. Those who really know me might even be alarmed for they know I rarely go a day without being active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email or blogging. It just does not happen. The last few weeks have been crazy busy. Friends in hospital. Errands past due. Cleaning out filing cabinet. Filing. Working in the garden. Sick cat. Spring cleaning the garage. Cleaning out kids toys. Cleaning out every single tee with a hole in it. Grocery shopping. Planting. Cleaning out all old catalogues. Cleaning. Working on a few projects. You get the idea; I have been catching up with all lifes chores so I can get ready to have some spring fun!

Easter was such a fabulous weekend which we were able to spend with all our family. On Saturday we traveled to the” big city” to spend the day with Son #2 and his family. We spent the day filled with lots of Easter fun. We let the kiddos pick their favorite non-fast food place to eat. They chose a wonderful establishment and we enjoyed a long delish lunch followed by walking and shopping at all the little stores around restuarant. We then returned home to dye eggs for the Easter Bunny. Cowboy and Son #2 whipped out the chain saw and took down the backyard fort which was no longer being used. Son#2 very happy to gain back needed yard real-estate! Kiddos and I watched a movie while they finished up in the yard. Cowboy and I left around dinner time to head back home, but not before we picked up shrimp for dinner!

We had lots of giggles at Son #2s house.

Bunny Lip Candy

Is there anything better than watching the kids dye eggs? It never ever gets old.

Egg Fun

On Sunday we met Son #1 and his family for lunch. Oh my goodness. The food and decorations were beyond beautiful and the Easter Bunny even made an appearance! We had a long lunch enjoying every single course. We could hardly roll out of lunch after plates piled high with everything imaginable and  multiple desserts. Good times, good food, good family time.

These orange tulips sat under a beautiful egg tree at lunch.

Orange Tulips

Pink tulips are always my favorite! They were located under the egg tree also.

Pink Tulips

My favorite item under the egg tree were the little egg nests. So sweet…

Egg Nest

Our Easter weekend is precisely how it should be. Bursting with family time. It fills my heart with so many grand feelings. Cowboy and I dearly love Son #1 and Son #2 and their wives. We are crazy in love with all our kiddos. I would say being off the grid this weekend was exactly how it should have been…

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  1. I’m loving your tulips! Happy spring!!!

  2. oh those tulips are amazing! hope kitty gets better 😀

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