We Have Wildflowers!

We finally have a few wildflowers which makes me “Over the Moon” happy! In our area, the wildflowers are just beginning to pop up. We had a brutally dry year combined with a very mild winter and a late cool spell. I am not sure we will have an abundance of flowers, but you just never know. We are supposed to get showers tonight and that just might force more wildflowers into blooming.

This week I was able to capture a few wildflowers which made me smile all day! Hope they put a smile on your face also…

Found our first little patch of Bluebonnets at the farm!

First Bluebonnet

One of my favorites is the Purple Verbena which grows here and there at farm if I look really hard.

Purple Verbena

We do not have any Prairie Paintbrush on our farm, but I found a few on the side of the road.

Prairie Paintbrush

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  1. I love wild flowers or any flowers for that matter. The blue bonnets are oh so pretty!

  2. Everything is blooming around our farmhouse right now. It is such a beautiful sight! I’m keeping consistent rain in my prayers as we had a dry year last year as well. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Seeing the bluebonnets in Texas is something on my bucket list!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      When we have had the right conditions they are super beautiful. Not a great crop this year due to the drought the last few years. I was happy to just get a group of them for a pic…

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