Busy Birthday Month

May is always busy for Cowboy and me. We both have May birthdays. There is Mother’s Day followed by our anniversary. Father’s Day comes in June so we have lots of events in a small time frame. A few years ago we started having one family dinner to celebrate all of these events and it has been very successful and I am sure all our kids love just meeting for one family event!

We all met last evening for a wonderful Mexican food dinner complete with red velvet cake. Perfect evening with all our family. The cousins had so much fun together. I loved watching them laugh and giggle all evening. Joyful time to watch them…

As always, our family was way to good to us. I came home with a beautiful fern and bird feeder for our patio. Pretty new candle to go by my tub. Beautiful orchid plant to pretty up the den. A precious travel bag along with a cover for my Kindle. Note pad and precious kitchen towel with a boot for farm kitchen.

The farm house will have some pretty new things!

This is a cute birthday card I wanted to share with you!

Birthday Card

This darling Cowgirl Book has most of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame greats in it. Have not read it, but next rainy day I plan on reading it cover to cover. It is going to look great on the coffee table!

Cowgirl Book

This donkey/mule plate was a big hit and going to pretty up the farmhouse!

Donkey Plate

My kids know me so well and are so very generous with their mom and dad. We are the luckiest parents to have sons which grew up to be such wonderful sons, husbands and dads. We were blessed with special daughter-in-laws that love us and gave us all our wonderful kiddos… Life really is good!

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  1. Hey! Sending birthday wishes to you and your Cowboy. . .catching up with reading e-mails, etc., after being gone for a week. I would agree. . .your family and extended family sound absolutely loving and wonderful. . .you are indeed blessed. xo

  2. Happy Birthday to you and Cowboy! Family is so important and it sounds like you have a wonderful clan!

  3. What a great idea to it all in on big party! Happy belated birthday to you both!

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