Father’s Day

We had a wonderful Father’s Day with Son #1 and Son #2 and their families. It is always such a blessing when we can get everyone together at one time. The four kiddos had such much fun with their two days of cousin fun and we enjoyed watching their sweet little faces filled with lots of smiles and laughing. Since they live in different places cousin time is extra special. Cowboy loved having some grandfather time!

Son #2 kiddos gave Cowboy pictures of paintings they did at the end of school. We love school art and both of their schools do a great job with the kids. Art is so much fun and so important for kids and all of ours love art class at school.

9 year old kiddo painted this redbird and we think it is fantastic. We love the mix of colors.


5 year old “Girlie” painted these Bluebonnets. She was very proud!


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  1. The red bird is great but I LOVE those Bluebonnets! Good Job kudos to both!

  2. Cute! Those kids have better art skills than I do ; )

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