New Mexico Really Is Enchanted

Growing up I used to visit my grandmother in New Mexico. She was Dean of Women at New Mexico State University. We traveled to see our “Momo” every summer and those times are filled with very happy memories. She was a wonderful grandmother and our times were treasured when visiting New Mexico. New Mexico holds a special place in my heart because my grandmother loved every inch of that state. She loved the people, the culture, the climate and the geography. She enveloped herself in everything New Mexico. She loved the food, art and the architecture. I miss her and I miss visiting New Mexico.

I have a dear friend who lives in New Mexico. She knows of my history there and supplies me with many NM photos to fulfill my internal need to see the places my grandmother loved. She shared some photos recently and I thought I would share with you! Thanks to her for always sharing with me!

This photo is one of my favorites because we all know how much I love donkey’s. This sign is at door of the museum shop at Las Golondrinas. This is a living history museum. It is one of my friends favorite places. Click here to find out more about Las Golondrinas. Isn’t that the most adorable sign ever?

Museum Shop Golondrinas

My friend takes many photos of this church. I do believe it may be her favorite. This is San Francisco church in the ghost town of Golden. It was built in 1830. Could anything be more beautiful?

Church in Golden

These are photos of the “Rainbow Man”. He is located in the doorway to the little alley at Las Alamos. His flowers are amazing and  someday I plan to visit him! I think I want one of everything!

Rainbow Man Sunflowers (2)

The “Rainbow Man” has my favorites- Sunflowers. They would brighten any day!

Rainbow Man Sunflowers

I need to go to New Mexico with a U-Haul. I think I could fill it in a day. I would love to simply drive the entire state and photograph all the beauty. New Mexico really IS enchanted… my grandmother told me so.

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