Donkey “Babies” Doing Great

This summer brought a few changes for all our babies. Orphan Andy, Annie, Charlie and Lily have all had growth spurts! Their coats have also changed colors and all four are becoming beautiful and fun. The weather has been brutally hot this last month so we have started giving them lots of “baths” and water time. Andy, Annie and Charlie LOVE bath time and now anytime Cowboy and I walk even remotely close to a hose Annie comes running and expects a cool down. It really is the cutest thing you have ever seen. The girl likes her baths! Baby Lily is still not to the point that she would let us bath her. She still stays close to her mom, Patty. We are giving them time and not rushing things and they will learn to trust us in time. They do love us and Lily let me rub her face for the first time last week. I am still amazed at what a lovely mom Patty is and how she loves her little Lily. It touches every part of our hearts and we are so thankful they were dumped in front of our farm. They were meant to be at our place and we love them devotedly…

Orphan Andy, Annie and Charlie celebrated their first birthday’s recently! They all got carrots, apples and watermelon for their celebrations! Wow, that watermelon was a huge hit! Life is good!

Orphan Andy after his bath! He loves his baths and is always ready. When he was orphaned at 20 days old the first thing his new family (that was bottle feeding him) did was give him a bath so he is very used to them. He is the sweetest little blessing. His mom, Amy, would be so proud of him… We still miss her terribly, but we are so proud to have Andy. He is a lovely gift.

Andy Bath

This is Charlie right after his bath. He got a good grooming and we brushed all the shedding hair off. We did not think he would be very happy about a bath, but he proved us wrong!

Charlie Bath

Annie had a wonderful bath then rolled in the dirt afterwards! Annie wants more than one bath a day!

Annie Bath

Lily still managed to get special attention while her friends were getting baths!

Lily Nursing



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  1. So dang cute! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures – how can one not smile?

  2. Your donkeys are adorable! Do they “talk” to you a lot? We drive by a farm here in town with donkeys every once in a while and I love to hear them braying. I imagine they each have their own distinctive sound. Thanks for sharing!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They do talk a lot! Each one of them has it’s very own bray. I can usually tell who it is without looking. The little ones are learning! Andy is trying hard! Annie has got it down. Charlie rarely tries. Lily is just now making an effort. Mama & Lucy bray loudly. Patty is pretty quiet.

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