Duck Dynasty Style Fun!

The Kid and Girlie came to spend the weekend with us at the farm this weekend. They left their parent’s at home and we had a fun-filled weekend packed with activities for the kids. The Kid is now 10 and “way to old” for all our battery operated riding toys. What to do? Well, Cowboy took an old riding lawnmower and removed the mowing deck and now Kid has a great new riding vehicle! We would have made the Duck Dynasty crowd very proud! The Kid decorated his new ride with skulls and took off to the pasture where he can drive all he wants! Girlie is five and still happy with all the battery operated cars. She can keep herself occupied all day driving. She is like a crazed manaic when driving and we all have to watch her or she will run over us! When she runs out of power she just pushes her car across corral to get Cowboy to put a fresh battery in and away she goes.  A highlight of the weekend was spending time at the target range. The Kid and Cowboy spent hours shooting a pellet gun and pellet pistol. If Uncle Si had been there he would have said everyone was happy, happy, happy!


We had a lovely fall weekend and Girlie spent every second outside in the fresh air! She spent time painting rocks for her family. Nothing better than painting rocks! She also spent hours under the trees swinging. Notice her Cowgirl boots! Usually we hunt for rocks and bones, but the rattlesnakes and copper heads are still out so we did not do that. It is one of the kiddos favorites, but we have to wait for winter to go hiking for the bones and rocks. The kiddos keep a pile of treasured bones and piece them together when we cannot go bone hunting! Girlie and I baked cookies for the boys. We went to grocery and let them pick their snacks. Their parents must never go to the grocery in the city as they were ever so excited with our grocery and told everyone they saw that it was the best grocery they had ever visited. Can you find the photo which explains WHY they loved our country grocery?!


We also spent time playing board games. Girlie and I went over her flashcards. They read books. They fed the donkey’s and goats a bountiful amount of carrots. They helped us feed the cows. We left a block for the deer. They got to see wildlife everywhere and their favorites were the jackrabbits! We drove to town to eat and we also cooked a little at the farmhouse. The Kid helped me fix some pasture fencing. He drove me around in the Kubota so I could take photos of the flowering cactus and cows. He wanted to hear “stories” of when I was little. This weekend was a magical treasured time with our special out of town kiddos. Every minute counts as they are growing and time passes very fast. We made every second count this weekend.

One of their favorite surprises this weekend was when their “Poppie” woke them up late Saturday night and took them up on the hill to watch the stars. I did not go with them so Cowboy could have all the magic to himself…

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  1. Very Much Fun. We must watch Girlie very close when she starts learning to use BB gun!

  2. Makin’ memories is where it’s at! So glad you had lots of time!

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