Fall Cactus

The fall Prickly Pear cactus all have beautiful pink buds which makes for a beautiful view. Of course, cactus are literally a thorn in any farmers side and not a plant that anyone wants in their pastures. Never-the-less we have more than our share! My daughter in law remembers picking the buds as a little girl and helping her grandmother make jelly. I looked up recipes on the internet and thinking this recipe would be a challenge! The jelly part is like making any other jelly adding sugar, lemon juice and pectin. The difficult part is that you must spend time removing all the stickers from the fruit of the cactus. I am thinking that step in the process is why I will most likely never try making cactus jelly!

Took this photo on the hill last weekend while the blooms were still vivid pink. It is such a bright pretty pink!

Blooming Cactus

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