Lucy Lu Is A Deep Thinker

Lucy Lu is one of my original donkey’s and we adore her. Lucy wants and needs attention and certainly knows how to demand it. For the most part she would protect any of the crew including the goats, but that old jealously really gets to her sometimes and she always lets Cowboy and I know one way or another. She loves to be brushed and basically she loves hugging, rubbing and us talking to her with our heads next to hers. Her favorite thing is for us to nuzzle her neck. Let us do the same to all the others and she will come and give us a nudge and “that look”. “That look” is one of pure anguish, sadness and jealousy! No one can give a look like Lucy and out of all our animals only she can reduce us to feeling miserable as if we are not giving her sufficient amount of loving!

Lucy also seems to always be thinking. Her eyes always seem to be saying something such as:

  • I need food
  • I need in corral with you
  • I want loving from you
  • I need brushing
  • I need to play
  • I just wanna be with you
  • You love me better than the rest, don’t you?

Just tell me. Could you ignore these eyes? Cowboy and I are so entirely smitten with Miss Lucy that she usually gets all the attention she demands.

Lucy Lu

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  1. Oh I love how you love Lucy! What a gift you have given this precious animal. . .thank you for posting this picture!

  2. I’d love to come out and meet your babies some time.

  3. she’s pretty cute!

  4. Beautiful photo! She looks so sweet!

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