Donkey’s Grazing

Here are a few headshots of the little donkey’s. They have been enjoying grazing green grass in our corral. We use water sprinklers at night so the donkey’s and goats will have a little green grass. Our pastures have been very dry this summer and this is a nice treat for them.

Patty and Lilly stay together most of the time. They are extra close and it is so sweet. Patty is the sweetest mom and Lilly rarely leaves her mom’s side except to play with the other little ones. These two are very special and it has not taken us long to fall head and heels in love with them. Patty is on the right and Lilly on left. Patty has a beautiful grey color while Lilly is a dark brown. Loving how their faces are right there together.

Patty & Lilly HeadShot

Andy is still such a sweetheart and we cannot help but love him special. Thank goodness the goats take over at night when he would be with his mother. They do a pretty darn good job at mothering! My heart melts with this little boy. I sometimes get a lump in my throat and heart as I wish he still had his momma. Amy fought hard to take care of him for 20 days before she died and I cannot forget how proud she was of her baby. Annie and Charlie were born first. When Andy was born Amy wanted us to see right away that she had a beautiful baby also. He continues to be a special gift.

Andy HeadShot

Annie is so sweet and has grown to be a very affectionate little girl. Her mom, Lucy, did a great job of mothering Annie. She has a outgoing personality and she is always doing something funny to amuse us. Lucy was very protective of Annie for a long time and was not keen on us having physical contact with Annie. This spring Lucy decided it was time to give Annie more space. It did not take Annie any time at all to bond with us. She loves everyone.


Charlie has been quite a surprise. He was very “wild” and a little “offish” when he was really small. We thought that we were going to have our hands full with him. After we had him “fixed” it really did the trick of calming him down. He just minds his own business, but is well behaved so far. He likes to play with the others, but he is intent on trying to steal milk from his mom who has stopped letting him nurse. He is not happy about that.

Charlie HeadShot

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  1. Wonderful – great pictures and adorable subjects. I would love to paint them!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Thanks- they ARE pretty adorable! I will send you pics anytime. Just let me know the subjects at farm and I will email to you…

  2. What sweet pictures!

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