Moo Monday

On Saturday we had a new arrival. Ever so cute and precious as all newborns are. The mom was happily grazing and allowed me to check out baby and to sit and love it a bit. It always makes for such a blissful and happy day when we have a new healthy little calf.

Baby was born early Saturday or maybe during the night. Isn’t she pretty?


Mama finally came to check on us and to see what in the world we were doing to her baby. Very mellow mom. They are certainly not all that way, but it seems like Black Angus moms are pretty nice most of the time. However, last week I had one that sure did not want me around her baby so you never know. We are very careful, especially when they have calves. Notice how the baby was hidden in the grass and Yuccas. Such a scenic setting for a new baby.

Mama Checking

Mama and baby headed to bushes where baby had a nice long nursing session. Love it when I happen to have a camera with me to catch sweet photos like these. Always love our newborns and babies!

Headed to Nurse



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  1. So precious and fluffy-looking! Congrats to all!

  2. Oh my gosh, how sweet! My daughter will love these photos!

  3. She is precious! I so miss calving season. Can I just come live with y’all? LOL

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