There’s A New Kid In Town

My dear friend lost her Sundance (Golden Retriever) in April. Sundance was a very special rescue who brought special love into their lives. A few weeks ago my friend, again, brought a special rescue to come live a happy life at his new forever home.

Meet Chase! He is a tri-colored Aussie who was rescued in New Mexico at a city welfare mobile unit. This sweet dog has not had a safe and secure life. He was adopted two years ago at the city shelter then returned to the same shelter as a stray in September. He was adopted and returned the next day because someone in the household developed allergies. He resided at the shelter for a month before my friend found him.

Of course, it was love at first sight! My friend stated “We know him to be at least three years old but feel he may be closer to five.  He is exceptionally sweet, wags his tail constantly, has yet to bark, has incredible hearing and sniffing abilities, is friendly towards dogs and children.  He seems to have been trained (totally housetrained, hooray!) yet shows no knowledge of common things such as the doorbell, toys, window-gazing. Each day, however, finds him more and more outgoing, his sweet personality shining through…he is very very curious indeed.”

He does have a huge fear of cars. My friend is hoping with love and security that it will soon pass.

Doesn’t it just break your heart? This sweet dog has had a very hard life and deserves so much more.  Chase now has a forever loving home and will quickly learn that he is in a happy place. My friends are so happy to return to the joy of having a loving pet and Chase is going to experience the “good life”! Such a happy ending for Chase.

Here is Chase celebrating his first fall playing in his new yard. Look into those eyes and face. Makes my heart melt.


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  1. Very Cute! I just got a new dog too which funny enough was a Golden Retriever. He was a stray that I took in. I spent a couple weeks trying to find his owner and no one claimed him. It’s sad when people just let their animals go instead of finding them new forever homes but then again for these two dogs it worked out perfectly, huh. 🙂

  2. Susan (gardensage) says

    So happy for this dog! So sad for the many dogs who don’t have a home. Two of our dogs were strays and they are great companions.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Strays do make the best dogs and kitties ever. All of our kitties have been strays and they have all been wonderful. More value needs to be placed on animals…

  3. Such sweetness – wishing Chase many good “bickies” and lots of love. A gorgeous face to love. . .

  4. Oh, what a sweetie. There’s nothing like earning the trust and love of a rescue. 🙂

    • weekendcowgirl says

      He has made so much progress in the trust area. It does not take long when you know you have a safe home and lots of love… my friend is a great friend to rescues…

  5. What a cutie! And how wonderful that he has a new forever home which will be safe and loving!

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