Wordless Wednesday- Jeff The Goat

Jeff is our old man and we are crazy about him. All the animals love Jeff. He is friend to all the goats and donkeys. From the day Orphan Andy (donkey) lost his mom, Jeff has served as his “mother”. Andy sleeps next to Jeff. Jeff is a sweetheart and we really love and enjoy him. Such a special goat.

Jeff Fall 2013

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  1. i love that his name is Jeff! 😀

  2. Awwwww…makes me miss our goats!

  3. Awww, what a sweet story!

  4. I’ve gotten to now goats a little better now that my desert homestead is neighbors to a…flock? herd? gathering? drum circle?…bunch of goats. I love when they see me and engage in jockeying for prime food/petting position–the matriarch is the one that will usually win.

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