Steve The Goat

I was gone this last week and came home to find my sweet goat, Steve, had passed away. He was very young and I was so sad because he was Orphan Andy’s best friend….

It is always hard. Really hard.

Cowboy said it was very touching that the day Steve woke up really sick the donkey’s all stayed right by him as did the other goats. It is really sweet how perceptive animals are and how they take care of each other even if they are different.

Good-by sweet Steve. We are going to miss you and know Andy will miss you so much too.

Steve 2012-2013 

Steve Nov2012

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  1. So very sorry – it’s heartbreaking to lose such sweetness so soon. Hugs. . .

  2. So sad and after such a nice week.

  3. So sorry to see this! RIP Steve. I also think it is so fascinating to watch animal’s behavior. Glad to hear everyone was by his side. 🙁

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, I am always amazed at the animals & how they watch over each other. Humans could surely benefit by this lesson!

  4. Oh honey, I’m so sorry!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It is always hard no matter the animal… he had the cutest squeaky sound. We always knew when he was talking…

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