The Big Chill

We hardly ever have cold weather which has it’s advantages in the winter. Last Thursday night we had very cold weather move in which brought a freezing sheet of ice everywhere. Our farm did not get as much ice as other areas, but the cold surely did make us take notice. We had a icy glaze of ice everywhere which is a nuisance when trying to keep the animals fed properly. Cowboy has spent the last three days feeding hay, cubes, grain to the cows, donkey’s and goats. He had to spread a thick layer of hay in the barn and keeping the tanks unfrozen is always fun. We have several tanks in which goldfish reside so we cannot use heaters to keep them warm. The goldfish can live through frozen tanks, but not heated water. In the summer they keep all the galvanized tanks clean thus our reluctance to heat the tanks! Today cowboy picked all of the ice and dumped and the animals all have fresh non-frozen water at least until tonight.

The farm is still frozen, however today the temps will start the thawing process. We are ready for warmer temps and we are ready for sunshine. Farm chores are definitely harder when it is cold and icy.

Here are a few photos of the farm with the dusting of ice which looks like snow, but really isn’t. Cowboy snapped all of these while working using his iPhone.

Cows Eating

Farm Road

Hill Road

Iced Tank

Snow Dusting

Waiting for Food



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  1. Thinking of you and the animals. . .hope you get a thaw
    very soon! Do be careful with the whole “slipping on ice” thing. .

  2. Icy or not, your farm looks just lovely! I’m definitely in favor of the view from the inside looking out, though! 🙂

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