New Treasure

In late fall we had a little road work added in an thickly wooded area on our farm. It was an area which has always been thick with vegetation. Cowboy had to venture into this area occasionally to find a lost calf, but for the most-part we were unable to access this area. After the path had been cut I found an entirely new playground filled with a beauty I did not know we had. It is an area thick with small trees dappled with sunshine, golden fallen leaves and plenty of paths to make it interesting. My new little forest has given me a fun new place to venture.

  • I can hike under its beautiful shade. There are interesting rocks everywhere.
  • It is a place just begging for me to relax, think and meditate.
  • This spring, under the shade, Cowboy and I will have many future picnics to share.
  • My kiddos and I can go exploring. This area has been the birth and death of many cows and sheep over the decades. That is secret lingo for big treasure hunt!
  • I am now blessed to be the keeper of this beautiful, but simple grove.


It is amazing how something so simple can provide a venue to provide an eagerness to be one on one with nature. I am filled with anticipation for spring where I will explore my own new little grove which will inspire me physically, mentally and spiritually.

My Little Forest


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  1. Looks divine! Happy for you and your future adventures as you watch the seasons transform this new special place. . .

  2. Judy Lambright says

    Looks like a wonderful place to find & talk to God!
    What a gift! So glad for you & your family

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It is not like it is a beautiful forest like in Colorado, but it is nicer than all of our cactus so I will enjoy it. I guess it really is the simple things…

  3. OH, that looks just lovely. Can’t wait to see how that changes with the seasons!

  4. Life among the trees … think outside: no box required … lovely. Enjoy your woods – it’s beautiful!

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