California Dreaming

My sweet friend was able to travel to L.A. area a few weeks ago and I don’t mind telling you that I might have been just a little jealous. While she was walking on beautiful sand in the warm weather I was sitting here freezing in icy weather.

I am now¬†“California Dreaming”. This photo will be my life-link to warmer weather and all the wonderful moments I will enjoy once spring arrives. No beach even needed for me to be happy. Just waiting for the warm spring weather and I will be sufficiently happy. However, a trip to any beach sounds really nice right now. I would love to be resting on this beach with a margarita in hand!

Thanks to my friend for sharing this Santa Monica beach scene.

Santa Monica Beach 2014

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  1. You and me both! We’ve been looking at photos this last week and drooling over green grass! It’s ben a long winter!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      We are still in drought so not sure we will have green grass. Praying for rain! But, loving our first nice weather….

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