February Busy Month At Farm!

Cowboy and I are on a roll and I could not be happier. We have tackled spring projects early this year with gusto. I think we just may complete our projects before the spring/summer heat moves in. You cannot imagine how the heat and wind wear things out here at the farm. The elements are very harsh so every early spring we must spend time mending, cleaning and organizing. The last few weeks I have been cleaning under oak trees which is terribly time consuming. Have nearly finished up this project and the trees look great. We have been repairing loose tin on all the barns. I have started a new flower bed project and this year am adding wire in the dirt to try to keep the pesky armadillos from digging up my flower beds every week. Since we are in a continuing drought situation we have gone over our pasture fire lanes.  In the next month we will be tackling cleaning all the barns. So much to do and so little time as it is so much better to finish everything before the heat fires up.

We have managed a little nature time also. We managed to get in a little hike which was nice. Always enjoy playing with the cows, donkeys and goats. Have had some stunning sunsets. I even found an area which has just been cleaned out and discovered a rocky ledge that I am sure must have rattlesnake den. ( I seriously did not check it out to find out if it did or didn’t!) Included a photo of my favorite 35 and her baby. Love how the cactus looks in the field below, but we were hoping to spray some of our cactus this year. That will not be happening as we have had no rain. When you spray a field for weeds and get no rain you end of with a field of DIRT! Oh well, there is always next year!

Enjoy our country life from this week!



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  1. It’s nice that you are getting to tackle your spring to do list. I can’t wait for spring flowers again, I have some mint that I’ve kept out of the snow and it just started to come up. Thinking green thoughts!

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