It’s All About Cowboy

Our January has been dark, gloomy and cold. That means I go into hibernation and for the most-part and begin my ritual of spring cleaning inside the house and poor cowboy takes care of everything outside in the cold! With the cold weather comes extra responsibility such as mucking the donkey and goat barns, spreading fresh hay for the animals to snuggle in and feeding extra hay and feed to help them generate warmth. Cowboy has been out with the animals this month and all of them love having Cowboy spend all that extra time with them. All want to be with him and plead for lots of rubbing and attention and of course they all beg Cowboy for carrot treats. Baby Lilly and her mom are usually shy since they are the new kids on the block. This week everything changed and Lilly became Cowboy’s best friend. Lilly followed Cowboy everywhere. He could not take two steps away from her. She was in his face. She was licking his hands. She was nudged right into him every second. Lilly is in love with her Cowboy and she wants him all to herself. Of course all the rest of the donkeys and goats want his attention also, but last week Lilly did not want to share. She claimed her rights to him and she never left his side. Cowboy is loved and he knows it!

Lilly is the cutest and dearest little animal. How lucky we are to have the pint-sized little puff of fur.

Lilly Jan14

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  1. So sweet! I love that you and Cowboy take time to get to know the farm animals’ individual personalities and give them lots of affection. They are the luckiest critters around!

  2. What a good cowboy, there is a lot of work to be done when the weather turns! I have spring fever so badly – maybe I should begin some spring cleaning as well!

  3. Winter chores are no fun! It took me 2 hours to let in 5 horses, feed and muck last night. Brr! It sounds like Cowboy has his work cut out for him — your animals are lucky to have such good winter care!

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