I Had Intentions

“Spring Break” is next week and I have an extremely long list of items I want to accomplish. Things like: finish trimming under the oaks, working on my new flower bed, painting the barn and well house doors and give the corral a new coat of metal paint. Fertilize and put down sticker pre-emergent. Put sulfur and bug kill around the foundation of our house. Muck the animal barns, find paint for our old vintage cement water trough and clean all the barns. Well, you cannot blame me for not thinking big!

I was intending for the weather to co-operate. I was hoping for nice sunny days. The weather is still too cool for me and the forecast may involve some rain which I cannot complain about. We shall just have to wait and see what I actually get done. In the meantime I am patiently (not really) ready for spring to arrive and all the beauty that brings! I am restless and the only cure is for the appearance of spring. I am waiting…

I am ready for an abundance of flowers. Any kind will do. Just bring on spring and flowers and I will be a happy camper!

Montana Sunflower 2013

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  1. Sounds like you will have a very busy spring break taking care of your many tasks. I hope the weather brings sunshine and mild temperatures your way. I too am ready for spring to arrive. We have had an especially frigid, snowy winter here in Chicago. Your sunflower image certainly brightens my day … gorgeous!

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